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Targeted marketing needs current personal dataConsumer_Mango

Most marketers and ad agencies want to personalize their content. But data from purchases and profiles can be inaccurate or tough to access. Hey, sometimes marketing and IT just don’t get along. Plus, the creepy triggers on using scraped data like browser histories are
 getting more sensitive.

Social opt-in data is fresh and personalLikes

Every day, Facebook users add 2.7 Billion Likes to their profiles. Most marketers only use this huge database of personal interests for aggregate insights. They don’t own the data and can’t match it to their own records. That’s a missed opportunity. It makes us sad.

Marketers can own and use private social dataFacebook Login

The Facebook Login button is more than just an easier registration tool. It’s also a permission tap to let each person’s email address and list of Likes flow out. But most marketers don’t have a glass to capture it.

Authintic’s technology is that glass. It gets, parses, and analyzes private social data. Now it’s all yours, in your own database. You can use it to simply add email addresses to your list. Or identify which people have the interests that matter to you for better targeted direct mail campaigns. Or get sharper insights for your paid media spend. (Hey agencies… you can also use us to win that next pitch!) However you slice it, knowing more about each customer is fast ROI. Give us a shout.